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This is The Cable Company master listing of all HiFi Power Cables. They will connect your electronics directly to the wall or to a Power Conditioner. 


Audio power cables are important because the power supplies in your audio electronics are very "short-sighted." By this we mean that they are most strongly influenced by what is connected very close to them in the circuit, such as the electrical power cables. So think of the AC power cord as an extension of the power supply.


To help you choose the best power cables most of our products are available for in-home audition through our our Cable Library service. By using our cable/component matching database gathered over the course of our 20+ years experience, we can help you to short list the best high end power cables to match your components.

In the green box on the right you can narrow your focus to one manufacturer at a time. For instance you can choose to look specifically at the Cardas or Wireworld brands.

By using the drop down menus below our Cable Company logo on the left you can look at other audio cable types such as speaker cables or interconnects. 


Click these links to learn more about the Cable Library try-at-home service, or to request a Consultation from one of our expert consultants.

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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
Power CablesAccustic ArtsPower Cord Ferrite II New Edition$1,300.00
Power CablesAccustic ArtsPower Cord Silver New Edition$1,050.00
Power CablesAccustic ArtsPower Cord Bronze New Edition$890.00
Power CablesAcoustic RevivePower Standard$665.00
Power CablesAcoustic RevivePower Reference$2,775.00
Power CablesAcoustic SystemLiveLine $1,200.00
Power CablesAcoustic ZenEl Nino II$278.00
Power CablesAcoustic ZenTsunami III$430.00
Power CablesAcoustic ZenKrakatoa$758.00
Power CablesAcoustic ZenGargantua II$1,508.00
Power CablesAcoustic ZenAbsolute$2,858.00
Power CablesAcrolink7N-P4020III PC$355.00
Power CablesAcrolink7N-P4020III MS$335.00
Power CablesAcrolink7N-P4030III PC $580.00
Power CablesAcrolink7N-PC5500$2,175.00
Power CablesAcrolink7N-PC6500$2,755.00
Power CablesAcrolink7N-PC7500$3,475.00
Power CablesAnalysis PlusPro Power Oval$166.00
Power CablesAnalysis PlusPower Oval 2 350IEC/330$720.00
Power CablesAnalysis PlusPower Oval 10$249.00
Power CablesAnalysis PlusPower Oval 10 with 4 Box$369.00
Power CablesAnalysis PlusPower Oval 2 $410.00
Power CablesAnalysis PlusUltimate Power$1,796.00
Power CablesAudiencePowerChord$395.00
Power CablesAudiencePowerchord (Schuko)$415.00
Power CablesAudiencePowerChord "E" Version (Schuko)$585.00
Power CablesAudiencePowerChord "E" Version$559.00
Power CablesAudienceAU24 PowerChord$1,450.00
Power CablesAudiencePowerChord "SE" Version$779.00
Power CablesAudienceAU24 "SE" PowerChord$1,650.00
Power CablesAudienceAU24 "SE" LP (Low Power)$830.00
Power CablesAudienceAU24 "SE" MP (Medium Power)$875.00
Power CablesAudienceAU24 "SE" LP C7 (Low Power)$549.00
Power CablesAudience (Specials)5ft/1.5m Powerchord 'SE' Version $599.00
Power CablesAudience (Specials)6ft/1.8m Powerchord 'SE' Version $639.00
Power CablesAudio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air $2,000.00
Power CablesAudio MagicDark Thunder$130.00
Power CablesAudio MagicPower Drive$230.00
Power CablesAudio MagicSorcerer Liquid Air$550.00
Power CablesAudio MagicIllusion Liquid Air$900.00
Power CablesAudio MagicThe Natural$3,000.00
Power CablesAudioPrismSuperNatural 9.5$495.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-10$539.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-1000$1,039.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-Wild$2,225.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-WEL Signature Series$4,050.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-2$124.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-1$74.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-4$254.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-X2$54.00
Power CablesAudioquestNRG-X3$75.00
Power CablesAural SymphonicsUltra Cube xxv$1,565.00
Power CablesAural SymphonicsPrince v3$965.00
Power CablesAural SymphonicsMagic Gem v2t$1,652.40
Power CablesAural SymphonicsCappuccino xxv$436.32
Power CablesBybeePower Cord$1,495.00
Power CablesCable ProReality 15$300.00
Power CablesCable ProReality 20$400.00
Power CablesCable ProReality 5$130.00
Power CablesCable ProReality 10$200.00
Power CablesCable ProVitality 15$800.00
Power CablesCable ProVitality 20$1,200.00
Power CablesCable ProVitality 5$300.00
Power CablesCable ProVitality 10$500.00
Power CablesCable Research LabMark II$1,299.00
Power CablesCable Research LabMark IV$1,299.00
Power CablesCable Research LabMark IV-R Reference $2,999.00
Power CablesCable Research LabMark II-R Reference $2,999.00
Power CablesCardas AudioClear Power$832.00
Power CablesCardas AudioClear Beyond$1,056.00
Power CablesCardas AudioClear M$612.00
Power CablesCardas AudioTwinlink$252.00
Power CablesCardas AudioCross$464.00
Power CablesChang LightspeedPower 30$345.00
Power CablesChang LightspeedPower 20$275.00
Power CablesChang LightspeedPower Zero$575.00
Power CablesCrystal CableCrystalPower Absolute Dream$10,000.00
Power CablesCrystal CableCyrstalPower Special GEM$400.00
Power CablesCrystal CableCrystalPower Micro$650.00
Power CablesCrystal CableCrystalPower Standard$1,080.00
Power CablesCrystal CableCrystalPower Reference$2,150.00
Power CablesCrystal CableCrystalPower Ultra$3,600.00
Power CablesCrystal CableCrystalPower Piccolo$500.00
Power CablesCrystal CableCrystalPower Dreamline$5,400.00
Power CablesDanaCableSource Clarifier$495.00
Power CablesDanaCablePower Force$395.00
Power CablesDH Labs Silver SonicRed Wave$700.00
Power CablesDH Labs Silver SonicPower Plus$225.00
Power CablesDH Labs Silver SonicEncore$110.00
Power CablesDiMarzioMPath AC Cable$225.00
Power CablesDynamique AudioNeo 2$107.30
Power CablesDynamique AudioHorizon 2$183.05
Power CablesDynamique AudioShadow 2$517.62
Power CablesDynamique AudioSummit 2$1,003.68
Power CablesDynamique AudioInfinite$2,139.95
Power CablesEichmann ETIExpress Power AC Enhancing Cable$480.00
Power CablesElrod Power SystemsStatement $1,800.00
Power CablesElrod Power SystemsStatement Gold$5,500.00
Power CablesElrod Power SystemsStatement Silver$2,900.00
Power CablesElrod Power SystemsDiamond$10,000.00
Power CablesElrod Power SystemsStatement Gold Plus$7,500.00
Power CablesEssential Sound ProductsEssence Reference II Power Cord$1,899.99
Power CablesEssential Sound ProductsMusicCord Pro$184.99
Power CablesEssential Sound ProductsMusicCord -ES$349.99
Power CablesEssential Sound ProductsMusicCord Pro -ES$474.99
Power CablesEssential Sound ProductsMusicCord $137.49
Power CablesFT-DIYNano12$499.00
Power CablesFurutechPower Reference III$1,533.00
Power CablesFurutechPowerflux 18$3,000.00
Power CablesFurutechEvolution II$835.00
Power CablesFurutechNanoFlux POCC$4,395.00
Power CablesFurutechG-314AG-15 Plus$229.00
Power CablesFurutechAbsolute Power 15 Plus$600.00
Power CablesGutwireBasic Clef2$309.00
Power CablesGutwireG Clef2$459.00
Power CablesGutwireC Clef2$862.00
Power CablesGutwireB16$99.00
Power CablesGutwireB12$199.00
Power CablesHarmonic TechnologyFantasy III AC-11$480.00
Power CablesHarmonic TechnologyMagic Power III AC-10$2,300.00
Power CablesHarmonic TechnologyFantasy III AC-10 'Special Edition'$1,800.00
Power CablesHarmonic TechnologyMagic Power III 'Special Edition'$3,600.00
Power CablesHarmonic TechnologyFantasy III AC-10$550.00
Power CablesHarmonixX-DC350M2R$1,510.70
Power CablesHarmonixX-DC2 AC$1,056.60
Power CablesHIFi-TuningUltimate 6mm$599.00
Power CablesHIFi-TuningUltimate 4mm$399.00
Power CablesHIFi-TuningGold DVD Cable$99.95
Power CablesHigh Fidelity CablesCT-1 Ultimate$6,900.00
Power CablesHigh Fidelity CablesCT-1 Ultimate Reference$10,900.00
Power CablesHigh Fidelity CablesCT-1 Ultimate Reference Rhodium Plus$12,900.00
Power CablesHigh Fidelity CablesCT-1 Power$2,000.00
Power CablesIsoTekEVO3 Elite$595.00
Power CablesIsoTekOptimum$995.00
Power CablesIsoTekEVO3 Premier$195.00
Power CablesIsoTekEVO3 Syncro SE$2,450.00
Power CablesJena Labs1116-20$1,000.00
Power CablesJena Labs916 power cord$900.00
Power CablesJena LabsFerrite "Noise Suppression"$500.00
Power CablesJena LabsBasic Cryo $200.00
Power CablesJena LabsModel One.2$1,800.00
Power CablesJena LabsModel One.2 Dual Output$2,300.00
Power CablesJena LabsEasy One.2$1,300.00
Power CablesJorma DesignPower$675.00
Power CablesJorma DesignPrime Power$4,900.00
Power CablesJorma DesignOrigo Power$3,200.00
Power CablesJorma DesignUnity Power$2,000.00
Power CablesJPS LabsKaptovator Lite$1,199.00
Power CablesJPS LabsPAC Black$699.00
Power CablesJPS LabsAluminata Reference AC$3,599.00
Power CablesJPS LabsThe Kaptovator AC$1,549.00
Power CablesJPS LabsDigital AC-X$399.00
Power CablesJPS LabsAnalog AC$399.00
Power CablesJPS LabsGPA 2$199.00
Power CablesJPS LabsPAC Lite (Power AC Lite)$399.00
Power CablesKimber KablePowerKord Palladian 14$1,308.00
Power CablesKimber KablePowerKord Palladian 10$1,448.00
Power CablesKimber KablePowerKord 14 Base$228.00
Power CablesKimber KablePowerKord 10 Base$268.00
Power CablesKimber KablePowerKord 14 Ascent$358.00
Power CablesKimber KablePowerKord 10 Ascent$398.00
Power CablesLessLoss AudioDFPC (Dynamic Filtering Power Cable) Reference$1,824.00
Power CablesLessLoss AudioDFPC (Dynamic Filtering Power Cable) Original$595.00
Power CablesLessLoss AudioDFPC (Dynamic Filtering Power Cable) Signature$1,149.00
Power CablesMagnan Audio CablesSignature$1,100.00
Power CablesMarigo LabTitanium v1.2$3,000.00
Power CablesMarigo LabAndromeda v1.1$2,000.00
Power CablesMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesShotgun AC1$799.00
Power CablesMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesShotgun AC2$1,599.00
Power CablesMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesMagnum AC1$1,499.00
Power CablesMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesMagnum AC2$2,099.00
Power CablesMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesOracle AC1$2,999.00
Power CablesMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesOracle AC2$3,999.00
Power CablesMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesOracle Z III$1,399.00
Power CablesMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesZ-Cord$299.00
Power CablesMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesShotgun Z III$499.00
Power CablesMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesMagnum Z III$849.00
Power CablesMorphCords1->1 Power Cord$1,200.00
Power CablesMorphCords1->2 Power Cord$1,400.00
Power CablesNeotechAmazon PC$2,600.00
Power CablesNeotechSahara PC$1,350.00
Power CablesNirvanaPC Plus: Digital Power Cord$595.00
Power CablesNirvanaSource: Analogue Power Cord$595.00
Power CablesNordostValhalla $2,699.99
Power CablesNordostVishnu$549.99
Power CablesOmega MikroClearview Double Helix Mk 1 Plus$210.00
Power CablesOmega MikroClearview Double Helix Mk 1$150.00
Power CablesOmega MikroClearview Double Helix Mk II$225.00
Power CablesOmega MikroClearview Double Helix Mk II Plus$285.00
Power CablesOyaideL/i15 EMX V2$135.00
Power CablesOyaideTunami GTX-R V2$570.00
Power CablesOyaideBlack Mamba Sigma V2$415.00
Power CablesOyaideTunami GPX V2$475.00
Power CablesOyaideL/i50 EXs V2$445.00
Power CablesPranaWireSamadhi$3,950.00
Power CablesPranaWireMaha Samadhi$4,950.00
Power CablesPranaWireKensho III$1,950.00
Power CablesPranaWireSatori$2,950.00
Power CablesPranaWireAvatar II$16,950.00
Power CablesPranaWireCosmos$3,950.00
Power CablesPranaWireChela$995.00
Power CablesPranaWireVajra SE$4,950.00
Power CablesPranaWireLinebacker SE$3,995.00
Power CablesPranaWireLinebacker XE$12,500.00
Power CablesPS AudioPerfect Wave AC-12$799.00
Power CablesPS AudioPerfect Wave AC-5$299.00
Power CablesPS AudioPerfect Wave AC-3$129.00
Power CablesPurist Audio DesignNeptune-Luminist$1,965.00
Power CablesPurist Audio DesignVesta-Luminist$285.00
Power CablesPurist Audio DesignMusaeus-Luminist$450.00
Power CablesPurist Audio DesignAquila Digital-Luminist$905.00
Power CablesPurist Audio DesignAqueous Aureus-Luminist$1,405.00
Power CablesPurist Audio DesignVenustas-Luminist$1,825.00
Power CablesPurist Audio DesignCorvus-Luminist$2,100.00
Power CablesPurist Audio DesignDominus-Luminist$2,500.00
Power CablesPurist Audio DesignLimited Edition-Luminist$4,030.00
Power CablesPurist Audio Design25th Anniversary-Luminist$9,900.00
Power CablesRegaReference Mains AC$195.00
Power CablesRogers High FidelityQuiet Cable$1,900.00
Power CablesRunning Springs AudioMongoose-2$850.00
Power CablesRunning Springs AudioMongoose-2 with 20 Amp IEC$910.00
Power CablesShun MookVintage WE$1,000.00
Power CablesShunyata ResearchViper Ztron$595.00
Power CablesShunyata ResearchVenom-HC $295.00
Power CablesShunyata ResearchZtron Alpha Analog$995.00
Power CablesShunyata ResearchZtron Alpha HC$1,250.00
Power CablesShunyata ResearchZtron Alpha Digital AC$995.00
Power CablesShunyata ResearchVenom Digital$400.00
Power CablesShunyata ResearchZtron Sigma Analog$2,138.00
Power CablesShunyata ResearchZtron Sigma Digital$2,138.00
Power CablesShunyata ResearchZtron Sigma HC$2,997.00
Power CablesShunyata ResearchZ-PC10 Analog$854.00
Power CablesShunyata ResearchZ-PC10 Digital$854.00
Power CablesShunyata ResearchVenom 3$150.00
Power CablesSilent SourceSignature $999.00
Power CablesSilent SourceSignature High Current$1,149.00
Power CablesSilent SourceThe Music Reference$2,299.00
Power CablesSilent SourceThe Music Reference High Current$2,599.00
Power CablesSiltech CablesSPX-380$765.00
Power CablesSiltech CablesRuby Hill II$2,500.00
Power CablesSiltech CablesRuby Mountain II$6,500.00
Power CablesSiltech CablesRuby Double Crown$10,800.00
Power CablesSiltech CablesSPX-800$1,000.00
Power CablesSiltech CablesExplorer 270P$540.00
Power CablesSilver Circle AudioVesuvius II $1,650.00
Power CablesSnake River AudioAdder Silver$1,195.00
Power CablesSnake River AudioMamushi Gold$1,295.00
Power CablesSnake River AudioCottonmouth Gold$1,145.00
Power CablesSnake River AudioCottonmouth Signature Series$1,395.00
Power CablesSnake River AudioMamushi Signature Series$1,595.00
Power CablesStealth AudioCloude 99 Full$1,120.00
Power CablesStealth AudioM-7000 $1,230.00
Power CablesStealth AudioDream v10$3,000.00
Power CablesStealth AudioSwift$580.00
Power CablesStraight WireBlue Thunder$140.00
Power CablesStraight WireGray Lightning$110.00
Power CablesStraight WireBlack Thunder$190.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchGalileo LE Digital $5,600.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchGalileo LE Analogue$5,600.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Copper$650.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Tungsten$900.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchElement Copper/ Tungsten$1,800.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchCopper/ Tungsten/Silver Element A (Amp/Preamp)$2,800.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchCopper/ Tungsten/Silver Element D (Digital)$3,000.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchCore AC$250.00
Power CablesSynergistic ResearchAC Master Coupler 20th Anniversary Edition$495.00
Power CablesTara LabsRSC Prime AC$600.00
Power CablesTara LabsRSC Air Reference $1,000.00
Power CablesTara LabsThe ONE EX$1,800.00
Power CablesTara LabsThe Gold AC$3,600.00
Power CablesTara LabsTL AC$199.00
Power CablesTara LabsThe Cobalt AC$5,000.00
Power CablesTara LabsThe Cobalt Reference AC$8,000.00
Power CablesTel WireCord$999.00
Power CablesTel WireHC Cord$1,099.00
Power CablesTelos Audio DesignBlack Reference$590.00
Power CablesTelos Audio DesignGold Reference$1,150.00
Power CablesTelos Audio DesignGold Reference Mk 2$1,400.00
Power CablesVan den HulThe Mainserver Hybrid$369.00
Power CablesVan den HulThe Mainstream Hybrid$639.00
Power CablesVooDoo CableElectra$1,350.00
Power CablesVooDoo CableAir Tesla$2,300.00
Power CablesVooDoo CableAvatar$225.00
Power CablesVooDoo CableBlack Diamond$850.00
Power CablesVooDoo CableFire $675.00
Power CablesVooDoo CablePlatinum $750.00
Power CablesVooDoo CableThunder $500.00
Power CablesVooDoo CableVector $375.00
Power CablesVooDoo CableUltra Wave$300.00
Power CablesVooDoo CableX-Ray$175.00
Power CablesVooDoo CableMagneto$150.00
Power CablesVooDoo CableAir Dragon$2,500.00
Power CablesVooDoo Cable (Special)6ft/1.8m Electra$1,200.00
Power CablesVooDoo Cable (Special)6ft/1.8m Black Diamond (20 Amp IEC to Schuko/Euro Wall Plug)$879.00
Power CablesVooDoo Cable (Special)6ft/1.8m Platinum$719.00
Power CablesVooDoo Cable (Special)6ft/1.8m Fire$599.00
Power CablesWireworld Cable TechnologySilver Electra 7 (15 Amp)$450.00
Power CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyElectra 7 (15 Amp)$240.00
Power CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyAurora 7 (15 Amp)$140.00
Power CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyStratus 7 (15 Amp)$90.00
Power CablesWireworld Cable TechnologySilver Electra 7 (20 Amp)$590.00
Power CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyElectra 7 (20 Amp)$400.00
Power CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyAurora 7 (20 Amp)$320.00
Power CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyPlatinum Electra$1,700.00
Power CablesWyWiresPlatinum Juice HC$999.00
Power CablesWyWiresSilver Juice II$429.00
Power CablesWyWiresSilver Juice HC$599.00
Power CablesWyWiresBlue Juice II$329.00
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