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This is The Cable Company master listing of all audiophile fuses. Most audio electronics contain at least one of these to protect the component from short circuits, surges, and other electronic ailments. The problem from an audiophile's perspective is the low quality materials that are used to make commercial versions. The conductive metals fall into the sonic category of "junk metals," and the typically tin plated end caps are little better. Certainly not materials that any self-respecting audio designer would spec into his component designs given a chance.

In fact from a parts perspective, audio fuses are often the weakest link in the entire component! This is  especially true in high performance components, but the beneficial impact of an upgrade fuse, even in a modest system, can be startling.

And it is good value. There is a lot of leverage to upgrading a choke point in your system.

Let's talk choices. 

HiFi Tuning fuses consist of two versions. In the pure silver "SilverStar" fuse both the end caps and melt wire are all silver tip-to-tip.  A ceramic body for its better resonance characteristics and cryogenic treatment take this one up another notch.

HiFi-Tuning takes conductivity even further in their 99% silver, 1% gold "Supreme" fuse, which also incorporates additional resonance and quantum level treatments courtesy of a company called WA-Quantum.

The Furutech and  Isoclean brands go for a copper melt wire. But this means no true fast blow versions are available from these manufacturers - slow blow only. Furutech fuses use a rhodium plating on the end caps to inhibit oxidation, while the  Isoclean fuse uses gold plating.

Audio Magic fuses take a different approach, starting with as a commercial version but then surrounding the melt wire with a conductive polymer. In their top model they also put a layer of RFI and EMI shielding material around the outer body.

Synergistic Research fuses are treated to 2,000,000 volts of "Quantum Tunneling" to elevate their performance, and come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

No one knows more or sells more audio fuses than The Cable Company. Let's talk upgrades.

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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
FusesAudio MagicNano-Liquid Premium$69.00
FusesAudio MagicPremier Bees Wax Super Fuse$175.00
FusesAudio MagicPremier Super Fuse$135.00
FusesAudio MagicThe Super Fuse$105.00
FusesFurutechT-13A (R) Fuse for UK 13A Connector$85.54
FusesFurutechTF (5x20mm)$54.00
FusesFurutechTF (6x32mm)$60.00
FusesHIFi-Tuning38mm Special (10.3x38mm) Fuses$49.95
FusesHIFi-TuningSupreme Large (6.3x32mm) Fast Blow (F) Type$89.95
FusesHIFi-TuningSupreme Large (6.3x32mm) Slow Blow (T) Type$89.95
FusesHIFi-TuningSupreme Small (20mm/.75) Fast Blow (F) Type$59.95
FusesHIFi-TuningSupreme Small (20mm/.75) Slow Blow (T) Type$59.95
FusesHIFi-TuningUK (25.4mm/ 1") Fuses$44.95
FusesIsoclean PowerLarge (6 x 31.8mm)$49.00
FusesIsoclean PowerSmall (5 x 20mm)$49.00
FusesSynergistic ResearchQuantum Fuse Large (6.3x32mm) 500v Fast-Blo$69.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchQuantum Fuse Large (6.3x32mm) 500v Slow-Blo$69.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchQuantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Fast-Blo$59.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchQuantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Slow-Blo$59.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchRed Quantum Fuse Large (6.3x32mm) 500v Fast-Blo$99.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchRed Quantum Fuse Large (6.3x32mm) 500v Slow-Blo$99.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchRed Quantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Fast-Blow$89.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchRed Quantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Slow-Blow$89.95
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