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This is The Cable Company master listing of all Digital Audio Cables. These digital cables allow for the transfer of a bitstream  of digital data between digital electronics such as CD transports and digital to analog converters (DAC's). These cables can also be used for home theater between a DVD player and a surround sound processor or receiver.

A digital coaxial audio cable (otherwise known as SPDIF) will be terminated with RCA or BNC connectors and should adhere to a 75 ohm electrical specification. An AES/EBU cable uses XLR connectors and should measure 110 ohms.

The master listing on this page also encompasses both Ethernet and Firewire audiophile cables. These two digital sound cable "Categories" appear at the bottom of this page. Ethernet and Firewire are popular for use in integrating computer based audio into your music and video systems.

By using the drop down menus below our Cable Company logo on the left you can look at other digital cable types such as USB cables and Toslink optical cables. These also have computer audio and home theater applications.

To help you choose the best digital cables for your specific needs most of our products are available for in-home audition through our our Cable Library service. By using our cable/component matching database gathered over the course of our 20+ years experience, we can help you to short list the best digital cables for your components.


Click these links to learn more about the Cable Library try-at-home service, or to request a Consultation from one of our expert consultants.

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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
 Accustic ArtsDigital Line (New Edition) AES/EBU$775.00
 Accustic ArtsDigital Line (New Edition) RCA$775.00
 Acoustic ReviveLAN-PA LAN Cable$275.00
 Acoustic ReviveDSIX Digital Signal IsoLation Exciter RCA$1,150.00
 Acoustic ReviveFW-1.0TR $725.00
 Acoustic ReviveSingle-Core Digital RCA$1,285.00
 Acoustic ReviveSingle-Core Digital AES/EBU$1,450.00
 Acoustic ReviveDSIX Digital Signal IsoLation Exciter XLR$1,325.00
 Acoustic ZenSilver Photon Digital$83.30
 Acoustic ZenAbsolute 110 Digital$998.00
 Acoustic ZenMC2=Zen Digital$296.00
 Acoustic ZenSilver Bytes Digital$253.00
 Acoustic ZenMC2=Zen AES/EBU$338.30
 Acoustic ZenAbsolute 75 Digital$498.00
 Acrolink7N-DA2090 Speciale AES/EBU$1,085.00
 AcrolinkMexcel 7N-DA3100 Digital$1,225.00
 Acrolink7N-A2070II AES/EBU$725.00
 AcrolinkMexcel 7N-A2500 AES/EBU$2,250.00
 Acrolink7N-D5000 Digital$1,015.00
 AcrolinkMexcel 7N-DA6300 (AES/EBU)$3,450.00
 AcrolinkMexcel 7N-D6100 Digital$2,950.00
 AcrolinkMexcell 7N-DA3300 Digital$1,450.00
 Analysis PlusDigital Crystal (AES/EBU)$195.00
 Analysis PlusDigital Crystal (RCA)$195.00
 Analysis PlusDigital Oval AES/EBU$140.00
 Analysis PlusDigital Oval$149.00
 Analysis PlusBlack Digital$65.00
 AudienceOhno Digital$93.50
 AudienceAu 24 SE AES/EBU$865.00
 AudienceAU24 "E" Version AES/EBU$665.00
 AudienceAU 24 AES/EBU$555.00
 AudienceAU-24 S/PDIF RCA to RCA$395.00
 AudienceAU-24 S/PDIF RCA to BNC$425.00
 AudienceAU-24 S/PDIF BNC to BNC$455.00
 AudienceConductor S/PDIF RCA to RCA$199.00
 AudienceConductor S/PDIF RCA to BNC$239.00
 AudienceConductor S/PDIF BNC to BNC$289.00
 AudienceConductor AES/EBU$245.00
 AudienceAU-24 "E" Version S/PDIF RCA to RCA$490.00
 AudienceAU-24 "E" Version BNC to BNC$920.00
 AudienceAu 24 SE Digital$590.00
 Audio MagicIllusion Liquid Air AES/EBU$1,000.00
 Audio MagicThe Sorcerer Liquid Air Digital$600.00
 Audio MagicXStream Digital$65.00
 Audio MagicExcalibur II AES/EBU$180.00
 Audio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air AES/EBU$1,300.00
 Audio MagicThe Sorcerer Liquid Air AES/EBU$600.00
 Audio MagicXStream AES/EBU$65.00
 Audio MagicLiquid Air Digital$200.00
 Audio MagicExcalibur II Digital$180.00
 Audio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air Digital$1,300.00
 Audio MagicIllusion Liquid Air Digital$1,000.00
 AudioquestRJ/E Pearl$25.00
 AudioquestWild Digital with 72V DBS (AES/EBU$2,050.00
 AudioquestWEL Signature with 72V DBS (AES/EBU)$3,400.00
 AudioquestWild Digital with 72V DBS (RCA)$2,050.00
 AudioquestCinnamon Digital$59.00
 AudioquestCoffee Digital$395.00
 AudioquestCinnamon (AES/EBU)$79.00
 AudioquestCoffee with 72v DBS (AES/EBU)$395.00
 AudioquestDiamond with 72v DBS (AES/EBU)$820.00
 AudioquestWEL Signature Digital with 72V DBS (RCA)$3,400.00
 AudioquestForest Digital$25.00
 AudioquestDiamond Digital$820.00
 AudioquestCarbon Digital$159.00
 AudioquestRJ/E Vodka Ethernet$249.00
 AudioquestRJ/E Diamond Ethernet$695.00
 AudioquestCarbon (AES/EBU)$159.00
 AudioquestDiamond Firewire$549.00
 AudioquestRJ/E Forest Ethernet$39.00
 AudioquestRJ/E Cinnamon Ethernet$75.00
 AudioquestForest Firewire$35.00
 AudioquestCinnamon Firewire$65.00
 AudioquestCarbon Firewire$129.00
 Aural SymphonicsEchelon Digital $1,250.00
 Aural SymphonicsDigital Standard xxv Firewire$155.00
 Aural SymphonicsOptimism Lotus Digital for Wadia 900 Series$11,700.00
 Black Cat CableSilverStar 75 Digital$150.00
 Cardas AudioAES/EBU$320.00
 Cardas AudioLightning 15 Digital$328.00
 Cardas AudioParsec Digital$100.00
 Cardas AudioClear AES/EBU$562.00
 Chang LightspeedDigital Reference Link$350.00
 Chord CompanySarum Tune Aray Digital$2,500.00
 Chord CompanySignature Tuned Aray Digital$675.00
 Chord CompanyIndigo Tuned Aray Ethernet$1,300.00
 Chord CompanyAnthem TA Digital$375.00
 Chord CompanyIndigo Tuned Aray$1,500.00
 Chord CompanyC-Stream Ethernet$100.00
 Chord CompanySarum Tuned Aray Ethernet$2,500.00
 Chord CompanyProdac Vee 3 Digital$175.00
 Crystal CableCrystalDigit Reference Digital$1,500.00
 Crystal CableCrystalDigit Dreamline (AES/EBU)$5,000.00
 Crystal CableCrystalDigit Ultra Digital$3,350.00
 Crystal CableCrystalDigit Dreamline Plus Digital$5,750.00
 Crystal CableCrystalDigit Reference (AES/EBU)$1,500.00
 Crystal CableCrystalFire Firewire$1,000.00
 Crystal CableCrystalDigit Ultra (AES/EBU)$3,350.00
 Crystal CableCrystalDigit Absolute Dream (AES/EBU)$9,000.00
 Crystal CableCrystalFire Absolute Dream Firewire$9,000.00
 Crystal CableCrystalFire Dreamline Firewire$2,250.00
 Crystal CableCrystalDigit Standard Digital$1,000.00
 DH Labs Silver SonicD-110 (AES/EBU)$88.00
 DH Labs Silver SonicD-750 Digital$90.00
 DiMarzioHigh Definition Digital$59.95
 Dynamic DesignLotus Mk3 RCA Digital$900.00
 Dynamic DesignLotus Mk3 (AES/EBU)$1,200.00
 Dynamique AudioMagellen AES/EBU$780.89
 Dynamique AudioMagellen Digital$1,120.00
 Dynamique AudioRadiant Digital$138.20
 Dynamique AudioFirelight Digital$379.20
 Dynamique AudioReflex Digital$70.69
 Dynamique AudioRadiant AES/EBU$141.34
 Dynamique AudioFirelight AES/EBU$391.90
 Eichmann ETIExpress 75 Ohm Digital$115.00
 FurutechDigifux RCA Digital$1,473.00
 FurutechEvolution II RCA Digital$530.00
 FurutechDigi Reference III RCA$1,048.00
 FurutechDigiflux AES/EBU$1,755.00
 FurutechDigi Reference III AES/EBU$1,157.00
 FurutechEvolution II (AES/EBU)$639.00
 GutwireChime 2 AES/EBU$629.00
 GutwireBasic 2 Digital$179.00
 GutwireChime 2 Digital$629.00
 Harmonic TechnologyPhoton RCA Digital$1,600.00
 Harmonic TechnologyDigital Silver III$220.00
 Harmonic TechnologyDigital Copper III$130.00
 Harmonic TechnologyPhoton AES/EBU$1,800.00
 HarmonixHS-102 DG Harmonic-Strings AES/EBU Digital$1,356.10
 HarmonixHS-102 DG Harmonic-Strings RCA Digital$813.80
 High Fidelity CablesCT-1 Digital$800.00
 High Fidelity CablesCT-1 Ultimate Digital $2,450.00
 High Fidelity CablesCT-1 Enhanced Digital$1,400.00
 Jena LabsValkyre Digi-Link$1,600.00
 Jena LabsPathfinder Digi-Link$3,600.00
 Jena LabsTrio Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$200.00
 Jena LabsFugue Digi-Link$400.00
 Jena LabsTrio Digi-Link $180.00
 Jena LabsDreamDancer Digi-Link$5,000.00
 Jena LabsSymphony Digi-Link$700.00
 Jena LabsFugue Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$450.00
 Jena LabsSymphony Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$800.00
 Jena LabsValkyre Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$1,700.00
 Jena LabsPathfinder Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$3,700.00
 Jena LabsDreamDancer Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$5,000.00
 Jorma DesignDigital$1,100.00
 Jorma DesignDigital (AES/EBU)$1,500.00
 JPS LabsUltraConductor 2 Digital$99.00
 JPS LabsAluminata Reference (AES/EBU)$1,724.00
 JPS LabsSuperconductor V Digital AES/EBU$649.00
 JPS LabsSuperconductor Q AES/EBU$374.00
 JPS LabsSuperconductor Q Digital$399.00
 JPS LabsAluminata Reference Digital$1,724.00
 JPS LabsSuperconductor V Digital$649.00
 JPS Labs (Specials)Superconductor 3 Digital (RCA) 2M$699.00
 JPS Labs (Specials)Aluminata Digital (AES/EBU) 1M $1,399.00
 JPS Labs (Specials)Aluminata Digital (RCA) 1M$1,399.00
 Kimber KableAGDL AES/EBU$297.50
 Kimber KableTGDL AES/EBU$557.50
 Kimber KableOrchid Digital$413.75
 Kimber KableAGDL Digital$297.50
 Kimber KableKS-2020 Digital$955.00
 Kimber KableKS-2120 Digital$1,215.00
 Kimber KableV-21 Digital$59.00
 Kimber KableD-60 Digital$234.50
 Kimber KableDV-30 Digital$77.50
 Kimber KableTGDL Digital$557.50
 Magnan Audio CablesDigital AES/EBU$1,400.00
 Magnan Audio CablesDigital $1,200.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesAVT 3 Digital$129.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesShotgun Digital$999.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesProline Digital Reference$1,799.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesAVT 1 Digital$349.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesAVT 2 Digital$229.00
 MIT - Music Interface TechnologiesMagnum Digital$1,499.00
 Naim AudioDC1 Digital$550.00
 NirvanaT-2 Digital$860.00
 NirvanaTransmission Digital$645.00
 NirvanaDC-110: AES-EBU Digital$860.00
 NordostSilver Shadow Digital$489.99
 NordostSilver Shadow AES/EBU$599.99
 Omega MikroClearview Ultrathin Digital$42.50
 Omega MikroClearview Double Helix Digital$120.00
 Omega MikroClearview Double Helix Plus Digital$167.50
 Omega MikroClearview Ultrathin Plus Digital$70.00
 OyaideDR-510 / DB-510 $250.00
 PranaWireAvatar (AES/EBU)$5,950.00
 PranaWireNataraja RCA Digital$1,950.00
 PranaWireCosmos RCA Digital$3,950.00
 PranaWireDeva (AES/EBU)$1,450.00
 PranaWireCosmos (AES/EBU)$3,950.00
 PranaWireDeva RCA Digital$1,450.00
 PranaWireNataraja (AES/EBU)$1,950.00
 PranaWireAvatar RCA Digital$5,950.00
 PranaWireArhat Digital (AES/EBU)$4,975.00
 PranaWireArhat Digital (RCA)$4,975.00
 Purist Audio DesignVesta-Luminist Digital$150.00
 Purist Audio Design25th Anniversary-Luminist Digital$4,300.00
 Purist Audio DesignDominus-Luminist AES/EBU$1,700.00
 Purist Audio Design25th Anniversary-Luminist AES/EBU$4,500.00
 Purist Audio DesignGenesis-Luminist Digital$240.00
 Purist Audio DesignCAT7 Ethernet Cable$350.00
 Purist Audio DesignAqueous Aureus-Luminist Digital$705.00
 Purist Audio DesignGenesis-Luminist AES/EBU$250.00
 Purist Audio DesignAqueous Aureus-Luminist AES/EBU$815.00
 Purist Audio DesignDominus-Luminist Digital$1,570.00
 Purist Audio Design (Special)3ft/1m Canorus (AES/EBU)$1,498.00
 Shunyata ResearchAnaconda Ztron Digital (AES/EBU)$1,250.00
 Shunyata ResearchAnaconda Ztron Digital$1,250.00
 Shunyata ResearchCobra Ztron Digital$500.00
 Shunyata ResearchCobra Ztron Digital (AES/EBU)$500.00
 Silent SourceThe Music Reference (RCA) Digital$995.00
 Silent SourceThe Music Reference (AES/EBU)$995.00
 Siltech CablesGolden Ridge II Digital$2,000.00
 Siltech CablesClassic Anniversary HF Digital$650.00
 Siltech CablesGolden Eagle 75 Digital$4,000.00
 Siltech CablesGolden Fire Crown Firewire$6,750.00
 Siltech CablesGolden Eagle II (AES/EBU)$4,000.00
 Siltech CablesClassic Anniversary Firewire$1,000.00
 Siltech CablesGolden Fire II Firewire$2,395.00
 Skywire Audio2020 Digital$570.00
 Skywire Audio1200 Digital$180.00
 Skywire AudioSE Digital$105.00
 Skywire Audio1400 Digital$320.00
 Snake River AudioBoomslang Digital$595.00
 Snake River AudioBoomslang (AES/EBU)$695.00
 Stealth AudioVaridig AES/EBU$800.00
 Stealth AudioSextet S/PDIF$2,400.00
 Stealth AudioVaridig S/PDIF$650.00
 Stealth Audio Sextet AES/EBU$3,600.00
 StereoLabTron Digital$2,000.00
 Straight WireData-Link Digital$80.00
 Straight WireInfo-Link AES/EBU$150.00
 Straight WireI-Link Digital$24.00
 Straight WireInfo-Link Digital$150.00
 Straight WireS-Link Digital$43.00
 Synergistic ResearchElement Copper/Tungsten/Silver Digital (AES/EBU)$2,300.00
 Synergistic ResearchCore Digital Active RCA$195.00
 Synergistic ResearchElement Copper Digital (AES/EBU)$950.00
 Synergistic ResearchElement Tungsten Digital (AES/EBU)$1,750.00
 Synergistic ResearchElement Copper/Tungsten/Silver Digital$2,000.00
 Synergistic ResearchEthernet Active SE$550.00
 Synergistic ResearchCore Digital Ethernet Active$345.00
 Synergistic ResearchFirewire 800 Active SE$645.00
 Synergistic ResearchThunderbolt SE Firewire$745.00
 Synergistic ResearchCore Digital Active SE RCA$345.00
 Synergistic ResearchElement Copper Digital $800.00
 Synergistic ResearchCore Digital Active AES/EBU$232.50
 Synergistic ResearchCore Digital Active SE AES/EBU$382.50
 Synergistic ResearchElement Tungsten Digital$1,600.00
 Tara LabsISM Onboard 0.8 Digital (AES/EBU)$2,340.00
 Tara LabsTL-2D Digital (RCA)$80.00
 Tara LabsISM Onboard Digital (AES/EBU)$1,080.00
 Tara LabsRSC Air Evolution Digital 75$765.00
 Tara LabsISM Onboard 0.3 Digital$4,320.00
 Tara LabsRSC Air Evolution Digital 110 $765.00
 Tara LabsRSC Prime M Digital 110$195.00
 Tara LabsISM OnBoard Digital (RCA)$1,080.00
 Tara LabsISM OnBoard 0.8 Digital (RCA)$2,340.00
 Tara LabsRSC Prime M Digital 75$143.00
 Teo AudioSPDL RCA Digital$1,600.00
 Teo AudioStandard Mk II (AES/EBU)$2,200.00
 Van den HulThe Digi-Coupler 75 Ohm$199.00
 VooDoo CableEvolution Digital$500.00
 VooDoo CableSilverstream Digital Satellite$150.00
 VooDoo CableSilverstream Digital$125.00
 VooDoo CableReference Digital$300.00
 VooDoo CableReference (AES/EBU)$350.00
 VooDoo CableEvolution Digital (AES/EBU)$600.00
 VooDoo Cable (Special)3ft/1m Reference Digital (AES/EBU)$259.00
 VooDoo Cable (Special)3ft/1m Evolution Digital (RCA)$479.00
 VooDoo Cable (Special)5ft/1.5m Evolution Digital (AES/EBU)$499.00
 VooDoo Cable (Special)5ft/1.5m Reference Digital (AES/EBU)$259.00
 VooDoo Cable (Special)3ft/1m Evolution Digital (AES/EBU)$499.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyUltraviolet Digital$31.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologySilver Starlight 7 Digital$200.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyStarlight 7 Digital$60.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyChroma Digital$18.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyPlatinum Starlight 7 AES/EBU$850.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyLuna 7 AES/EBU$50.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyStarlight 7 AES/EBU$65.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyGold Starlight 7 Digital$325.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyPlatinum Starlight 7 Digital$850.00
 Wireworld Cable TechnologyGold Starlight 7 AES/EBU$325.00
 WyWiresPlatinum Digital$899.00
 WyWiresSilver Digital (AES/EBU)$549.00
 WyWiresSilver Digital$499.00
 WyWiresBlue Digital (AES/EBU)$199.00
 WyWiresBlue Digital$199.00
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