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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
 Acrolink7N-P4030 (Bulk)$200.00
 Alpha Core GoertzAG1 Center Stage (Bulk)$1,011.00
 Alpha Core GoertzAG2 Veracity (Bulk)$1,778.00
 Alpha Core GoertzAG3 Divinity (Bulk)$3,807.00
 Alpha Core GoertzMI 1 Center Stage (Bulk)$171.00
 Alpha Core GoertzMI 2 Veracity (Bulk)$297.00
 Alpha Core GoertzMI 3 Divinity (Bulk)$732.00
 Analysis PlusOval 12 (Bulk)$200.00
 Analysis PlusChocolate Oval 12/2 (Bulk)$120.00
 Analysis PlusOval 16 (Bulk)$59.80
 Analysis PlusTheater 4 Wire (Bulk)$120.00
 Analysis PlusHook-Up Bulk Wire$1.93
 Analysis PlusClear Oval (Bulk)$100.00
 Analysis PlusOval IW (Bulk)$67.00
 Analysis PlusPower Oval 10 (Bulk)$30.00
 AudienceAuric 18ga Hook Up Bulk Wire$17.80
 AudienceAuric 21ga Hook Up Bulk Wire$11.90
 AudienceConductor In Wall AC Cable$20.00
 AudioquestGO-4 (Bulk) $15.00
 Cardas Audio20.5 Awg Chassis Bulk Wire$28.00
 Cardas Audio18.5 Awg Chassis Bulk Wire$33.40
 Cardas Audio11.5 Awg Chassis Bulk Wire$57.40
 Cardas Audio3x10 In Wall AC Cable (Bulk)$17.38
 Cardas AudioTone Arm Cable 33 Gauge (Bulk)$2.68
 Cardas AudioTone Arm Cable (33 x 4) Braided (Bulk)$9.86
 Cardas AudioTone Arm Cable (33 x 4) Shielded (Bulk)$13.34
 DH Labs Silver SonicEncore (Bulk)$5.00
 DH Labs Silver SonicOdyssey (Bulk)$42.00
 DH Labs Silver SonicQ-10 (Bulk)$225.00
 DH Labs Silver SonicT-14 (Bulk)$90.00
 DH Labs Silver SonicPro-Studio (Bulk)$66.00
 DH Labs Silver SonicBL-1 (Bulk)$36.00
 DH Labs Silver SonicD-110 AES/EBU (Bulk)$21.00
 DH Labs Silver SonicPower Plus Studio Reference (Bulk)$40.00
 DH Labs Silver SonicAG-23 Teflon Insulated Hook Up Bulk Wire$162.50
 FurutechFS-15S (Bulk)$57.90
 FurutechAlpha-S25 (Bulk)$126.78
 FurutechFP-314Ag (Bulk)$40.66
 FurutechFA-220 (Bulk)$59.28
 FurutechFP-3TS20 (Bulk)$90.98
 FurutechFP-3TS762 (Bulk)$96.48
 FurutechFC-09 (Bulk)$13.52
 FurutechFC-11 (Bulk)$33.08
 FurutechFS-303 (Bulk)$5.79
 FurutechFS-301 (Bulk)$10.20
 FurutechFS-502 (Bulk)$18.62
 FurutechAlpha-S14 (Bulk)$39.96
 FurutechFC-61 -Red (Bulk)$6.21
 FurutechFC-62 -Blue (Bulk)$6.21
 FurutechFC-63 -Green (Bulk)$6.21
 FurutechFP-Alpha 3 (Bulk)$155.93
 FurutechSA-22 (Bulk)$24.82
 FurutechFA-13S (Bulk)$38.58
 FurutechU-P2.1 (Bulk)$46.32
 FurutechU-X Ag (Bulk)$43.44
 FurutechFX-Alpha AG (Bulk)$57.90
 FurutechU-2T (Bulk)$28.96
 FurutechU-4.1T (Bulk)$27.58
 FurutechFS-Alpha (Bulk)$132.30
 Homegrown Audio Co.Copper Cotton 22AWG$1.45
 Homegrown Audio Co.Copper Cotton 26AWG$1.25
 Homegrown Audio Co.SC-16.22H (Bulk)$75.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.SC-16.26S (Bulk)$100.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.SC-16.24S (Bulk)$110.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.SC-16.22S (Bulk)$120.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-8.22H (Bulk)$45.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-8.26S (Bulk)$45.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-8.24S (Bulk)$55.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-8.22S (Bulk)$75.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.SC-16.26H (Bulk)$55.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.SC-16.24H (Bulk)$65.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-4.22H (Bulk)$25.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-4.26S (Bulk)$20.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-4.24S (Bulk)$30.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-4.22S (Bulk)$40.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-8.24H (Bulk)$35.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-8.26H (Bulk)$25.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-1.26H (Bulk)$10.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-1.24H (Bulk)$12.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-3.26S (Bulk)$15.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-3.22S (Bulk)$25.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-4.26H (Bulk)$15.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.IC-4.24H (Bulk)$18.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.Silver Teflon 26AWG$6.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.Silver Teflon 30AWG$4.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.Silver 10AWG$63.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.Copper Teflon 26AWG$0.75
 Homegrown Audio Co.Copper Teflon 24AWG$0.85
 Homegrown Audio Co.Copper Teflon 22AWG$0.95
 Homegrown Audio Co.Silver Cotton 22AWG$8.50
 Homegrown Audio Co.Silver Cotton 26AWG$6.50
 Homegrown Audio Co.Silver Teflon 10AWG$65.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.Silver Teflon 18AWG$20.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.Silver Teflon 22AWG$8.00
 Homegrown Audio Co.Silver Teflon 24AWG$7.50
 JPS LabsPower AC In Wall (Bulk)$24.00
 JPS LabsSuper Blue -4 Conductor (Bulk)$140.00
 JPS LabsSuper Blue -2 Conductor (Bulk)$100.00
 JPS LabsSuper Blue 2 (Bulk)$160.00
 Kimber KableKwik 16 (Bulk)$33.75
 Kimber KableVSSS Bulk Single Conductor Bulk Wire$3.48
 Kimber KableTCSS Bulk Single Conductor Bulk Wire$8.22
 Kimber KableTCX Bulk Single Conductor Bulk Wire$29.64
 Kimber KableGQ-VSSS Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$24.90
 Kimber KableGQ-25SC-HB 4 Braid "GQ" Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$57.75
 Kimber KableGQ-25SC-AG 4 Braid "GQ" Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$118.13
 Kimber KableGQ-PE/TC 4 Braid "GQ" Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$37.20
 Kimber KableGQ-TCSS 4 Braid "GQ" Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$55.44
 Kimber KableGQ-HB 4 Braid "GQ" Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$108.15
 Kimber KableGQ-AGSS 4 Braid "GQ" Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$217.88
 Kimber KableTCSS-3 Braid-10K Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$46.92
 Kimber KableSS-SE-3 Braid Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$52.80
 Kimber KableAGSS-3 Braid Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$150.42
 Kimber KableMST-CU-3 Braid Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$54.18
 Kimber KableMST-AG-3 Braid Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$78.07
 Kimber KableGQ-25SC-CU 4 Braid "GQ" Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$81.90
 Kimber KableCu25SC- Clear Bulk Single Conductor Bulk Wire$10.80
 Kimber KableAg25SC Bulk Single Conductor Bulk Wire$31.25
 Kimber KableTCSS-Twist Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$20.46
 Kimber KableDTC23 Twist Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$41.28
 Kimber KableVSSS-3 Braid Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$19.20
 Kimber KableTCSS-3 Braid Bulk Multiple Conductor Bulk Wire$38.46
 Kimber KableAGSS Bulk Single Conductor Bulk Wire$57.75
 Kimber Kable10kTCSS Bulk Single Conductor Bulk Wire$11.04
 Kimber KableSF23 Bulk Single Conductor Bulk Wire$22.98
 Kimber KableDTC23 Bulk Single Conductor Bulk Wire$15.12
 Kimber KableDTC19 Bulk Single Conductor Bulk Wire$15.12
 Kimber KableCu25SC- White Bulk Single Conductor Bulk Wire$11.34
 Kimber KableKwik 12 (Bulk)$62.50
 Kimber Kable12TC (Bulk)$35.50
 Kimber Kable4TC (Bulk)$12.50
 Kimber Kable8TC (Bulk)$23.00
 Kimber Kable4VS (Bulk)$4.75
 Kimber Kable8VS (Bulk)$9.30
 Kimber Kable4PR (Bulk)$3.10
 Kimber Kable8PR (Bulk)$6.00
 OyaideAcross 2000 (Bulk)$63.00
 OyaidePA-02 (Bulk)$30.00
 OyaideTunami Nigo (Bulk)$102.00
 OyaideEE/F-S 2.0 (Bulk)$82.00
 Straight WireWaveGuide 3.0 (Bulk)$36.00
 Straight WireWaveGuide 1.5 (Bulk)$21.60
 Straight WireWaveGuide 2.0 (Bulk)$28.80
 Straight WirePro Special (Bulk)$300.00
 Straight WireB-Flat (Bulk)$60.00
 Synergistic ResearchAV Decor (Bulk)$5.25
 Synergistic ResearchHDAV 16x4 (Bulk)$300.00
 Synergistic ResearchAV Matrix RG-6 (Bulk)$7.00
 Synergistic ResearchHDAV RG-59 (Bulk)$2.75
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