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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
 Acoustic ZenCrescendo II (Pair)$18,000.00
 Acoustic ZenMaestro (Pair)$43,000.00
 Acoustic ZenAllegro Subwoofer $3,700.00
 Acoustic ZenAdagio Jr. (Pair)$3,500.00
 Acoustic ZenAdagio Jr. Center Channel (Single)$1,750.00
 Acoustic ZenAdagio (Pair)$4,500.00
 AktiMateMicro Active Speaker System$499.00
 AktiMateMini Active Speaker System$699.00
 Alpha Design Labs (Furutech)GT USB 40 DAC$499.00
 Alpha Design Labs (Furutech)Stratos USB DAC$719.00
 Alpha Design Labs (Furutech)X1 Portable USB DAC$479.00
 Antelope AudioZodiac+ with Voltikus Bundle$3,595.00
 Antelope AudioZodiac Platinum DSD$5,500.00
 Antelope AudioZodiac D/A Converter$1,895.00
 Antelope AudioZodiac+ D/A Converter$2,695.00
 Antelope AudioZodiac Gold D/A Converter$3,895.00
 Antelope AudioZodiac Gold with Voltikus Bundle$4,495.00
 April MusicStello U3 USB to SPDIF Converter$499.00
 AudienceThe One$995.00
 AudioquestDragonFly USB DAC Version 1.2$149.00
 Ayon AudioMercury II$10,950.00
 Ayon AudioVulcan II (Pair)$40,900.00
 Ayon AudioSpheris II- Linestage$41,700.00
 Ayon AudioPolaris III$34,500.00
 Ayon AudioCD-07 CD Player$3,800.00
 Ayon AudioCD-1sc CD Player$4,760.00
 Ayon AudioCD-5s CD Player$13,500.00
 Ayon AudioCrane (Pair)$0.00
 Ayon AudioBlackbird (Pair)$28,000.00
 Ayon AudioOrion II$3,910.00
 Ayon AudioOrion III$4,800.00
 Ayon AudioTriton III$12,500.00
 Ayon AudioEpsilon Mono (Pair)$18,425.00
 Ayon AudioOrthos XS Mono (Pair)$35,000.00
 Ayon AudioCD-T Transport$7,750.00
 Ayon AudioStealth DAC-Pre$10,060.00
 Ayon AudioStratos DAC-Pre$14,175.00
 Ayon AudioS-3 Network Player/Dac-Pre$8,500.00
 Ayon AudioS-5 Network Player/DAC-Pre$16,900.00
 Ayon AudioNW-T Network Transport with A/D Converter$6,125.00
 Ayon AudioSpark Delta$12,200.00
 Ayon AudioHelios$11,575.00
 Ayon AudioCrossfire III$14,900.00
 Ayon AudioCrossfire III Stereo Amp$14,900.00
 Ayon AudioTitan Mono (Pair)$68,000.00
 Ayon AudioCD-3s CD Player$8,600.00
 Ayon AudioSpirit III$5,280.00
 Ayon AudioTriton Stereo Amp$12,900.00
 Ayon AudioSpark III$6,410.00
 Bel Cantoe.One REF1000M Balanced Mono Amplifier (Pair)$5,990.00
 Bel Cantoe.One REF500M Balanced Mono Amplifier (Pair)$3,990.00
 Bel Cantoe.One S125 Stereo Amplifier$995.00
 Bel Cantoe.One REF150s Amplifier$1,695.00
 Bel Cantoe.One REF500s Amplifier$2,595.00
 Bel CantoCD2 CD Transport/Player$2,995.00
 Bel Cantoe.One DAC3.5VB Mk II$3,495.00
 Bel Cantoe.One DAC2.5$1,995.00
 Bel Cantoe.One DAC1.5$1,495.00
 Bel Cantoe.One PRE3vb Preamplifier$2,000.00
 Bel CantoC5i Integrated Amplifier$1,995.00
 Bel CantoCD3t Transport$1,495.00
 Bel CantoC7R Receiver$2,995.00
 Bel Cantoe.One FM1$1,495.00
 Bel Cantoe.One REFLink $1,495.00
 Bel CantouLink$675.00
 Bel CantomLink$375.00
 Bel CantoREFLink Asynchronous USB Converter$1,495.00
 BenchmarkDAC2 HGC$1,995.00
 BenchmarkDAC2 L$1,795.00
 BenchmarkADC16 A/D Converter$3,995.00
 BenchmarkDAC1 USB$995.00
 BenchmarkADC1 USB$1,795.00
 BenchmarkDAC1 HDR$1,295.00
 Burson AudioTimekeeper$2,600.00
 Chord ElectronicsHugo$2,395.00
 CreekEvolution 50A Integrated$1,195.00
 CreekEvolutuion EVO 50CD Player$1,495.00
 Eclipse TDM1 Speaker System$1,399.00
 EposElan 30$1,999.00
 EposElan 15$1,399.00
 EposElan 10$1,000.00
 EposElan 35$2,399.00
 EposEncore 50$9,995.00
 Hanss AcousticsCD-20$3,200.00
 Harbeth LoudspeakersP3ESR$2,290.00
 Harbeth LoudspeakersCompact 7ES-3$3,850.00
 Harbeth LoudspeakersSuper HL5$6,490.00
 Harbeth LoudspeakersMonitor 30.1 Domestic$5,990.00
 Harbeth LoudspeakersMonitor 40.1 Domestic$13,490.00
 HRT High Resolution TechnologiesStage System- Standard$1,449.95
 HRT High Resolution TechnologiesStage Speakers (Speakers Only)$599.95
 HRT High Resolution TechnologiesMusic Streamer III$199.95
 HRT High Resolution TechnologiesiStreamer $229.95
 HRT High Resolution TechnologiesLineStreamer+$349.95
 HRT High Resolution TechnologiesMicroStreamer$199.95
 HRT High Resolution TechnologiesMusicStreamer HD$499.95
 HRT High Resolution TechnologiesMUSIC STREAMER II +$349.95
 Human AudioTabla USB - SPDIF Converter$995.00
 Lamm IndustriesLL2.1 Tube Preamplifier$5,990.00
 Lamm IndustriesM1.2 Reference Power Amplifier (Pair)$26,990.00
 Lamm IndustriesM2.2 Power Amplifier (Pair)$26,590.00
 Lamm IndustriesL2 Reference Preamplifier$15,890.00
 Lamm IndustriesML2.2 Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier (Pair)$37,290.00
 Lamm IndustriesML3 Signature Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier (Pair)$139,490.00
 Lamm IndustriesLL1 Signature Tube Preamplifier$42,790.00
 LuxmanDA-06 D/A Converter$4,990.00
 LuxmanCL-88 Control Amplifier$6,000.00
 LuxmanL-507uX Integrated Amplifier$6,990.00
 LuxmanL-505uX Integrated Amp$3,990.00
 LuxmanD-100r iPod/iPhone Dock-DAC Docking Station$500.00
 LuxmanSQ-N10 Integrated Tube Amplifier & D-100r iPod Dock$2,400.00
 LuxmanDA-200 USB D/A Converter$2,790.00
 LuxmanL-550Ax Integrated Amplifier$4,990.00
 LuxmanD-05 SACD/CD Player$5,000.00
 LuxmanL-590Ax Integrated Amplifier$9,490.00
 LuxmanU-100R USB-SPDIF Converter$300.00
 LuxmanD-38u CD Player$4,000.00
 LuxmanM-200 Amplifier$1,990.00
 M2TechhiFace DAC$295.00
 M2TechJoplin A/D Converter$2,499.00
 Music HallDAC15.2 USB DAC$299.00
 Music HallC-DAC15.3 DAC CD Player$549.00
 Music HallMarimba (Pair)$349.00
 Music Halla70.2 Integrated Amplifier$1,499.00
 Music HallA15.3 Integrated Amplifier$549.00
 Music HallDAC 25.3 USB DAC$595.00
 Musical SurroundingsMYDAC II$1,200.00
 MytekStereo192-DSD DAC$1,595.00
 MytekStereo192 ADC DAC$1,395.00
 NuForceSTA-100 Amplifier$695.00
 NuForceP-20 Preamp$5,000.00
 NuForceHAP-100 Headphone Amp$595.00
 NuForceSTA-100 Stereo Amp$695.00
 NuForceMCP-18 Multi-Channel Preamp$995.00
 NuForceMCA-20 Multi-Channel Amp$1,995.00
 NuForceReference 18 Mono Amplifier$3,800.00
 NuForceReference 8.5 V3 Stereo Amplifier$2,350.00
 NuForceMCH-300SE-C7 Multi-Channel Amplifier$5,000.00
 NuForceMCH-300C7 Multi-Channel Amplifier$4,500.00
 NuForceMCH-200C7 Multi-Channel Amplifier$3,600.00
 NuForceMCH-200C5 Multi-Channel Amplifier$3,000.00
 Pro-JectCD Box DS$699.00
 Pro-JectPre Box DS$499.00
 Pro-JectAmp Box DS$699.00
 Pro-JectAmp Box Mono DS$499.00
 Pro-JectDAC Box S FL$299.00
 Pro-JectDAC Box S USB$249.00
 Pro-JectCD Box S$299.00
 Pro-JectDock Box Digital S$249.00
 Pro-JectMedia Box S$359.00
 Pro-JectReceiver Box S$429.00
 Pro-JectStereo Box S$299.00
 Pro-JectStream Box S$999.00
 Pro-JectPre Box S$299.00
 Pro-JectSwitch Box S$179.00
 Pro-JectAmp Box S Mono$329.00
 Pro-JectAmp Box S$329.00
 Pro-JectSpeaker Box 5$299.00
 PS AudioNuWave DAC$995.00
 PS AudioDirectStream Upgrade Kit$2,999.99
 PS AudioNuWave Phono Converter$1,895.00
 PS AudioDirectStream DAC $5,995.00
 PS AudioPerfectWave Transport (PWT)$3,995.00
 PS AudioDigital Link III DAC$799.99
 Red Wine AudioSignature 16 Integrated Amplifier$1,995.00
 Red Wine AudioSignature 57 Integrated Amplifier$3,995.00
 Red Wine AudioLiliana Monoblock Amplifier$5,995.00
 Red Wine AudioCassabria Headphone Amplifier$1,850.00
 Red Wine AudioBellina Digital to Analog Converter$1,995.00
 Red Wine AudioBellina HPA Headphone Amp and DAC$2,495.00
 Red Wine AudioIsabella Vacuum Tube Preamplifier$3,995.00
 RegaApollo-R CD Player$1,095.00
 RegaBrio-R Integrated Amp$895.00
 ShanlingMC 3000 Tube-Hybrid CD Player/Tuner, iPod Dock$2,500.00
 SteinMusicMaster Class Amp 2$2,000.00
 SteinMusicOnyx DX-3002$2,695.00
 SteinMusicMasterclass SP1.1 Speakers$10,995.00
 Sutherland EngineeringN1 Preamp$10,000.00
 Wadia121Decoding Computer$1,299.00
 Wadia151 Power DAC Mini$799.00
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