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This is The Cable Company master listing of all Room Acoustic Treatments.

One of the often overlooked elements of the home audio system is the listening room itself. This may be the missing link between your speakers and your ears.

The most familiar form of room treatment is the acoustic panel. These panels absorb or diffuse sound waves in an effort to equalize the room. Brands such as Acoustic Sciences ASC Tube Traps, and the Michael Green Design RoomTune brands offer this approach. Most recording studios are likely to treat their acoustic resonances this way, but is it the best way to deal with room acoustics in the home?

Sonically - maybe and maybe not.

Aesthetically - maybe and maybe not.

Fortunately acoustic panels are not the only way to deal with room acoustics. We also love the approach sometimes referred to as "sympathetic resonance." In this approach to room acoustics you can in effect create an acoustic envelope around the system using the small tuning "bells" such as the Acoustic System Resonators or the Synergistic Research ART system.

Other terrific acoustic products from Cathedral Sound and the SteinMusic Harmonizers and Shakti Hallographs also appear in our product mix.

The application of digital signal processing or DSP can circumvent the need for conventional system setup and the use of acoustic treatments all together. The DSPeaker Antimode is a leader in this category.

To learn more about how to address room acoustics issues, visit our Newsletters Archive and choose the Room Acoustics category in the drop down menu. Start with the oldest and work your way forward.

To help you choose the right approach to the issue of room acoustics for your specific application many of our products are available for in-home audition through our our Library service. With our expertise gathered over the course of our 20+ years experience, we can help you to short list the best acoustic products to consider for your listening room or home theater.

To learn more about our try-at-home service visit our Library , or you can request an Acoustic Consultation from one of our experts.

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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
Acoustic Treatments Black Stone (Single)$50.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAcoustic ReviveRWL-3 Room Tuning Panel$1,225.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAcoustic ReviveWS-1 Acoustic Conditioner$235.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAcoustic Sciences CorporationStandard Tube Traps$0.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAcoustic Sciences CorporationOriginal Tube Traps$0.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAcoustic Sciences CorporationWallDamp Strips (100 strips/box)$504.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAcoustic SystemDiffuser (Single)$45.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAcoustic SystemPhase Corrector$100.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAcoustic SystemBasic$250.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAcoustic SystemSilver$500.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAcoustic SystemGold$1,300.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAcoustic SystemSpecial Gold$1,300.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAcoustic SystemPlatinum$2,800.00
Acoustic TreatmentsApertureRoom Treatment$650.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAudio MagicP.E.A. -Mini Mite$200.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAudio MagicP.E.A -The Standard$600.00
Acoustic TreatmentsBybeeRoom Neutralizers (Set of 8)$2,000.00
Acoustic TreatmentsCathedral SoundRoom Dampening Panels (Pair)$199.95
Acoustic TreatmentsDSPeakerAnti-Mode 8033S$499.00
Acoustic TreatmentsDSPeakerAnti-Mode 8033C$399.00
Acoustic TreatmentsDSPeakerAntiMode 2.0 Dual Core$1,199.00
Acoustic TreatmentsGolden SoundAcoustic Discs$140.00
Acoustic TreatmentsGolden SoundGolden Sound Super Pad$270.00
Acoustic TreatmentsHarmonixRF-5700 Tuning Tips (Set of 6)$467.50
Acoustic TreatmentsImprove Audio-VIP ProductsAcoustic Energizer$1,295.00
Acoustic TreatmentsImprove Audio-VIP ProductsAcoustic EQ$2,950.00
Acoustic TreatmentsMichael Green AudioMini Corner Controller$375.00
Acoustic TreatmentsMichael Green AudioMini Echo Controller$420.00
Acoustic TreatmentsMichael Green AudioCeiling Controller$525.00
Acoustic TreatmentsMichael Green AudioPZC Floor Stander$600.00
Acoustic TreatmentsRoomTuneXLT (Single)$48.00
Acoustic TreatmentsRoomTuneDeluxe II FS$250.00
Acoustic TreatmentsRoomTuneCornerTune (Single)$40.00
Acoustic TreatmentsRoomTuneEchoTune (Single)$40.00
Acoustic TreatmentsRoomTuneSquare (Single)$40.00
Acoustic TreatmentsRoomTuneTunePak$432.00
Acoustic TreatmentsShakti InnovationsHallograph$1,695.00
Acoustic TreatmentsShun MookSpatial Control Quartet- Natural Maple (4 stands, 8 holders, 32 discs)$2,720.00
Acoustic TreatmentsShun MookSpatial Control Sextet- Natural Maple (6 stands, 12 holders, 44 discs)$3,800.00
Acoustic TreatmentsShun MookSpatial Control Octet- Natural Maple (8 stands, 16 holders, 60 discs)$5,160.00
Acoustic TreatmentsShun MookSpatial Control Sextet Triple-decker Option (6 Wall Holders, 22 Discs) $1,680.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSteinMusicBlue Sun$750.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSteinMusicBlack Star (Single)$40.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSteinMusicBlack Star+ (Single)$88.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSteinMusicBlue Star (Single)$178.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSteinMusicSpeaker Match (Pair)$300.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSteinMusicSpeaker Match Plus$750.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSteinMusicSpeaker Match Signature (Pair)$1,800.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSteinMusicC2 Harmonizer$500.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSteinMusicBlue Magic Diamond (Single)$300.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSteinMusicE-Pad (Single)$100.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSteinMusicBlack Magic Diamond (Single)$200.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSteinMusicHarmonizer Package$2,395.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchART Acoustic Room Treatment Kit$3,515.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchART Vibraton$1,500.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchART Bass Station$750.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchART Satellite (Single)$300.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchAcoustic Art Vibration Stand$365.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchART Basik$500.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchBlack Box$1,995.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchHFT 2.0: High Frequency Transducer$299.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchHFT X : High Frequency Transducer (Set of 3)$299.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchHFT High Frequency Transducer$75.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchFrequency Equalizer FEQ$995.00
Acoustic TreatmentsSynergistic ResearchAtmosphere$2,495.00
Acoustic TreatmentsTelos Audio DesignQuantum Acoustics Diffuser$800.00
Acoustic TreatmentsTownshend AudioSeismic Pod (Single)$150.00
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